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Signs You May be Suffering From Job Search Fatigue

Searching for a job can be difficult and exhausting. When you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with the search, you may need to stand back and reevaluate your processes. How do you know if you are experiencing job search fatigue?


  • You find yourself looking at the same job postings over and over again.
  • You would rather not apply for a job for which you are qualified because you fear rejection.
  • You are unable to spend more than a few minutes a day searching for jobs.

Many of the frustrations come from the feeling of not being in control. Ultimately, the hiring manager has the final say on who they will hire, but there are a few things you can do to refocus and refresh your job search.


  1. Develop a new strategy. The more organized you make your search the more in control you will feel. Think through the specifics of what you want to do and create a detailed list of the ways in which you can move forward. Determine the top companies for your field and create a targeted approach. Keep a schedule of the things you plan to do each day.
  2. Change your tactics. Consider the things that have not worked before and determine new ways to approach them. If you have been sending out your resume to countless job postings and following up and still not been able to get a response, consider another way to get an employer’s attention.
  3. Professional social networking. Many of us view Facebook and Twitter as fun social tools, but they can be more than that. Announce your job search on these sites. Participate in chats that have something to do with your career goals. Google+ has a lot of great applications including “Hang Outs” where you can find yourself virtually face to face with prospective employers.
  4. Stay active. Volunteer in your community. Go to industry networking events. Attend semi-social “Meet Ups”. You never know who you will meet and how they can help you.
  5. Step away. When you feel yourself starting to get frustrated, that would be a good time to take a break. Go do something else that interests you. Engage in social activities that will energize you so you can start fresh again the next day.

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