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Meet Generation Z: What You Should Know about Your Youngest Workers

Even though it seems like employers just got used to hiring Millennials, a new generation is joining the workforce. Generation Z’s members were born beginning in the mid-1990s. They’re now graduating college and getting jobs.

“2017 will mark the first full year that Gen Z will be settled into the workplace, with a new outlook on business, new demands and widening the technology gap even more between younger and older workers,” writes Dan Schawbel for Forbes.

Here are five things you need to know about your youngest workers:

  1. They seek stability

Members of Generation Z saw their parents go through the Great Recession and saw its effects firsthand. “Gen Zers have a heightened desire for job security and lower expectations for quick advancement than Millennials,” write Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene for “A 2016 survey by the consulting firm BridgeWorks shows that the younger of the two generations is more likely to plan on working at the same place for at least a decade.”

  1. They’re ready for a challenge

While they’re working at your company, members of Gen Z want to feel like they’re part of change for the better.

“Generation Z wants to make a difference,” Barrett and Greene write. “According to a not-yet-published study from Dorsey’s company, 72 percent say it’s important that they have a positive impact on the world. That compares to 68 percent for Millennials, 64 percent for Gen Xers and 63 percent for Boomers.”

  1. They see themselves as leaders

They’re young, but believe they’re ready to lead. “Among Gen Z workers, nearly 84 percent said they themselves aspired to be leaders, while 79 percent of Millennials said the same,” writes Karsten Strauss for Forbes. “About 60 percent of the two groups said their leadership aspirations lay within their current company.”


  1. They’re looking for flexibility

Gen Z grew up in an automated, virtual world, so they expect to find these features in their workplaces. As a result, they want to be able to work whenever and wherever they’d like.

“When asked which benefits are most important to them, work flexibility ranked first, at 19.1 percent,” Strauss writes. “Among Gen Z workers, flexibility is almost 5 percent more important than being covered for health care costs—receiving a 401K did not even crack 10 percent.”


  1. They communicate quickly and briefly

“This is a generation that has an eight-second attention span,” Strauss writes.


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